5 minutes with Veronique Sandler

Veronique Sandler is the latest addition to the Juice Lubes family.

Vero is rad – she loves big jumps, she loves racing, she loves crafting video edits and she absolutely rips on a mountain bike.

We’re stoked to see her keeping her bikes running smooth with Juice Lubes this year. Cheers Vero!

Tell us a bit about yourself – who is Vero?

I’m a Kiwi girl who now resides in the UK and I’m obsessed with riding bikes!

Where did MTB start for you?

It started when I lived back in NZ. I was about 13 years old and my brother got into MTB. I was crazy about horses at the time, but soon saw how much fun mountain biking was and got hooked not long after!

What bike are you riding at the moment? How did that come about?

At the moment I’m on a Marin Attack Trail 8, one of Marin’s bigger travel enduro bikes, it’s so good!

I was riding for Wideopenmountainbike.com last year and they hooked me up with a Marin as my trail bike. I really liked the bike so when the brand approached me for a deal this year I was stoked!

Where do you normally ride and what sort of trails do you love the most?

I normally ride all sorts of different spots around South Wales.

I love Black Mountains Cycle Centre for its smooth trails and big jumps, but I also really enjoy places like Abercarn which are super steep and technical. I like mixing it up to keep my skills fresh!

What really gets you stoked when you’re riding your MTB?

So many different things.. just being outdoors is always a big one, but the feeling of progression, whether it be learning a new trick, going faster down a trail or just feeling super sick on the bike is just so addictive!

Especially if it’s all shared with a bunch of like minded people who are all hyped on riding.

You’re unusual in that you don’t do loads of racing … what’s the story there?

I spent the last four years up until 2017 solely focusing on race results, and I don’t think I progressed much with my riding as everything I did daily was building up to trying to perform in a race run.

When I started sessioning with people at the end of 2016 (as opposed to trying to beat my times on trails) I found a new, super fun side to the sport that I instantly fell in love with.

I also really enjoy the media side of things so I thought why not combine the two? Making videos and learning new things on the bike is what I’m loving at the moment.

What were your highlights from 2017?

I had some pretty sick times with Wideopen.

Qualifying 10th at fort William World Cup and winning the last national of the year were awesome. But I’m also super stoked with some videos that we made and some new tricks I learnt too!

And what are you most looking forward to in 2018?

I have a couple of really exciting video projects in the pipeline which are literally my dream! And I’m super hyped to explore a few new places to ride in Europe that I’ve never been to before.

Tell us a bit about bike fixing? Do you fix your own bike? What are you favourite and least favourite jobs?

Hmm… I try to do as much as I can myself, but I don’t always have the tools (or knowledge) to get the job done. I pride myself in changing tires haha!

But what I’m really bad at, and what I’d really love to learn more about is suspension set up. Anyone giving lessons, please holla at me!

Thanks to @locteit for the cover photo.