So you like riding your bike, right?

Let’s talk about what you don’t like. Creaky bearings. Rusty chains. How about shifting with the buttery smoothness of a spanner in a washing machine?

We started Juice Lubes back in 2009 right here in the UK and we’ve been keeping riders in the woods and out of the workshop since day one.

With our full line-up of high performance mountain bike lubes, cleaners and maintenance products we’re the pro mechanic in your garage and the suspension technician in your tool box.

We’ll help you get your bike from fudged to factory fresh again and again (and again) without breaking the bank. Pound for pound, litre for litre we’re the best value around.

All of our products are created from scratch with the input of the World’s fastest racers, the most experienced mechanics and some actual, proper science boffins in white coats.

Don’t just take our word for it. For nearly 10 years teams like Dirt, Intense, One Pro and Wideopen have relied on Juice Lubes to keep their bikes running faster than a