Defi collective

A proper London vibe

Fixed gear racing is taking off right now, both at international and grass roots level. The guys at Defi Collective have been bringing a proper London vibe to UK and European events over the past few years, racing hard but still keeping it fun and real.

Everyone bangs on about track bikes being super easy to maintain, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you’re riding: a clean bike is a fast bike, full stop. As the team has expanded this year they’re getting stuck in to the London road crit and track scenes as well – make sure you stop them to say hi!

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Look out for them:

Red Hook Crit European Series
Rad Race Fixed 42
Rapha Nocturne
NL Crit Series
5th Floor Track Day
Minet Crit

“We invented Juice Lubes to spend more time on our bikes and less time in the workshop”

Chaz Curry, JL co-inventor