Team Wideopenmag are our guys on the UK scene – 6 fast, talented and rowdy young guns that are out killing it at National Downhill and Enduro races across the UK. They’re out proving that Juice Lubes work at the very top of the game.

The team has huge pedigree for helping UK talent grow and we’re super proud to be helping create the next generation of World Cup heroes.

On the downhill side there’s 3 young gun pinners that are out battling for the Youth National series – Chris Cumming, Connor Smith and Dan Cope.

Over in the enduro camp there’s 1 young ‘un and 2 Scottish legends – Dan Mason-Rheinschmidt, Christo Gallagher and Chris Hutchens.

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Look out for them:

British National DH Series
UK Gravity Enduro Series
Welsh National DH Series
Pearce Cycles
Enduro World Series
Ard Rock Enduro
Scottish Enduro Series
Mini Downhill and Enduro

“We invented Juice Lubes to spend more time on our bikes and less time in the workshop. Team Wideopen is the proof that it works!”

Chaz Curry, JL co-inventor and Wideopen mechanic