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3 ways to reduce your plastic use with Juice Lubes

We’re not pretending to change the World single-handed here at Juice Lubes – we’re just doing our bit to reduce single-use plastics.

Here’s a few tips on how you can cut down on plastic with our gear.

Did you know that us humans produce 300million tonnes of plastic a year and only half of it can be recycled?

And did you know that only 10 – 13% of plastic in the world gets recycled … and the rest of it ends up floating around in the oceans or sat in landfill?

Here’s 3 tips on how you can cut down on all of those plastics when using Juice Lubes gear.

our plastics are recyclable

It’s really easy to chuck those used bike wash bottles in the bin.

Our plastic bottles, pots and tops are all recyclable in your household recycling collection. When they’re done you can put them out for the bin men in your kerbside recycling box. They’ll take them away, melt them down and create new stuff from them.

  • Our white bottles are type 1 plastic, which is recyclable in almost every UK waste collections.
  • Our clear lube bottles are type 2 plastic, which is also widely recycled in UK waste collections.
  • Our grease and paste pots are type 5 plastic, which is also widely recycled in UK waste collections.
  • The lids of our spray cans are either type 1 or 2, both of which can be recycled.
  • The lids of our lube bottles are type 5 plastic… you guessed it!
  • Also, our spray cans are Tinplate, which is safe to recycle.

Not sure how to check? Flip the bottle over and check the number on the bottom. This guide can tell you what can and can’t be recycled.

Don’t forget that some local recycling facilities are better than others, so check what your local can do.

… But you can also reuse them

Sure, you can recycle our plastic bottles, but why not reuse them and turn single-use into multi-use?

Here’s how it works…

Dirt Juice Super is our concentrated bike wash. You can use it solo as a degreaser or mix it with water to turn it into bike wash. One bottle of Super turns into a whopping 10 litres of bike wash.

If you buy a Dirt Juice Double pack you get a bottle of concentrate and a bottle of bike wash with a squirty-gun nozzle.

When the Wash is used up, you can keep mixing up fresh batches with Dirt Juice Super using the empty bottle again and again and again.

No need to bin those bottles, just keep mixing up bike wash!

If you take this approach for just one bottle of Dirt Juice Super, you’ll extend the life of your plastic bottle by 10 times!

Ask your bike shop about a refill scheme

Some of our dealers offer a refill scheme, like WeRideBikes in Ulverston.

If you bring in your empty bottle of bike wash, they’ll refill it for you for less than the cost of buying a new one.

You’ll be able to reuse your plastic bottles and nozzles and you won’t need to buy fresh plastic bottles each time.

We’ll be offering this as a proper product in our range soon, with an in-store refill for customers to use. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know when that’s available.

We’d love to hear how you’re cutting down on your plastic use.

Let us know on Instagram with #JuiceLubes or by mentioning us with @juicelubes

What do all those greases and pastes do?


you know your greases from your pastes?

We’ve got Juice Lubes expert grease monkey chaz to break it down for you.

Juice Lubes make a few products that look pretty similar but are actually totally different.

Gravy looks like hot chocolate… but you wouldn’t pour a cup of hot choccie on your Yorkshires now would you? Same way you wouldn’t put your AAS Juice on your bearings!

Here’s the basics:

AAS Juice

For bits that need to be removed easily but don’t need to move.

A top quality, aluminium assembly paste that fights off cold welding, corrosion and seizing, stops annoying squeaks and squeals and does away with those swearing at your pedal spanner moments.

Works great on bottom brackets, pedals, headsets and anywhere with metal to metal contact.

Bearing Juice

For bits that need to move.

A tough, waterproof, jet wash resistant grease that keeps your bearings spinning beautifully. Designed specifically for bicycle use.

Works great on the bearings in your headsets, bottom brackets, hubs and linkage.

Carbon Juice

For anything carbon that needs to stay put and not move.

Carbon juice provides a non-slip helping-hand for any of your carbon components. It’ll help guard against slipping and avoid the risk of you over tightening your clamps and breaking your expensive carbon bits.

Works great with seat posts, grips, handlebars, seat posts etc.

How to lube your mountain bike or road bike chain

Lubing your chain is easy to do… and easy to mess up.

Here’s our guide to getting those sharper shifts nailed.

Keeping your mountain bike or road bike chain well lubed is dead important.

It’ll make your gears shift crisply, it’ll make your chain and gears last longer and it’ll save you money on fixing your bike and buying new bits.

There’s no set rule on how often you should lube your bike chain. Take a look at your chain and listen to it.

Does it look dry or sound squeaky? If so, yep, it needs a lube.

Does it look dirty? If so, it’ll need a proper clean and a re-lube.

To lube your chain you need a few bits of gear from Juice Lubes:

You’ll need the right chain lube for you:

You can view our full range of chain lubes here.

You’ll need some bits to give your chain a clean:




How to tubeless your mountain bike wheels

Are you looking to tubeless your mountain bike wheels?

Tubeless means you can run them, obviously, without inner tubes.

You’re less likely to get pinch-punctures, you can run lower tyre pressures and you can use tyre sealant which will plug any holes as you ride. It’s brilliant.

To tubeless your wheels you need a few bits of gear from Juice Lubes:

And a few bits of gear from your local bike shop or online:

  • An airshot
  • A track pump
  • Tubeless valves
  • Tubeless rim tape
  • Tubeless tyres and rims