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5 minutes with Chris McGlynn

Defi Co is our first on-road addition to the Juice Lubes family.

The London based crew crew can be seen regularly in the pain cave at events like Red hook crit or training hard in regents park.

Here’s 5 minutes with one of Defi’s co-founders, Chris Mcglynn.

Tell us a bit about yourself, who is Chris?

I’m Chris, I’m 35 and I’m living in London at the moment. I’m from Glasgow originally

Where did bikes begin for you?

Aside from gunning about on a Raleigh Wildcat as a kid (legit best bike of all time) I picked up a single speed to start commuting about 7 years ago.

From there I got in to riding fixed gear bikes, and made the jump to road bikes a couple of years ago.

What bike are you riding at the moment? How did that come about?

Defi Collective are sponsored by Brother Cycles and the guys there have been amazing at helping us out, so at the moment a few of us have built up a prototype steel road frame they’re looking to release later in the year. It’s absolutely rapid, and has been getting heavy use in local crits.

Aside from that I’ve also got my super-comfy Genesis Datum which is almost the polar opposite – big tyres, disc brakes, mudguards. It’s a proper all-day bike!

What do you do for a day job?

I work for a major supermarket looking at bringing together the digital and physical spaces more. It can impact my riding sometimes as it’s not unusual for me to have to pick up early morning or weekend work. I’ve got in to a routine to make sure I can change my riding plans about when something comes up.

Benefits include a gym with indoor bikes with power meters and secure bike parking in central London, so can’t complain that much!

Tell us a bit about Defi, what is it and how did that come about?

I think I met Marlon and Barrington on one of the first fixed gear rides I went on when I moved to London. The fixed scene was really blowing up at the time and a bunch of teams were forming to ride races like Red Hook Crit. None of them really felt right to us, so we figured we’d form our own.

We take training and racing seriously, but at the same time you need to be able to have fun and appreciate how great it is getting to ride with mates over the UK and Europe.

We’ve just added 2 more riders to the roster in Jordon and Jahmaine who bring some more track-specific skills to the table.

Why is Defi and riding bikes generally important to you?

Bikes have become a huge part of my life. I’ve always been the kind of person who needs to have a thing to focus on outside of work – I believe that this life is all we get and we’re lucky to have it, so you need to find things that fulfil you.

I never got in to sports as a kid (football is life in Scotland, and I suck at it), so when I found cycling and that I could be good at it I was pretty amazed. If you told me 10 years ago that I’d be training and racing bikes at 35 I’d have thought you were mad, but here I am!

And with Defi in particular, I’ve got quite a loner streak in me and love riding on my own, so it’s good to know there’s always a group of good friends there when we want to race. Plus the WhatsApp group chat is always wild.

Where do you normally ride? Any favourites?

For social rides there’s not much better than a warm summer evening with friends doing laps of Regent’s Park. Some of my best times cycling have been taking it easy spinning about, and there’s a huge community there.

Aside from that I live in Hackney, so if I leave the house at 6AM on a Saturday morning I can be in Essex in 20 minutes. The lanes and short punchy hills out there are seriously underrated, and I’ve got a few favourite training routes that way that’ll cook anyone!

What gets you most stoked when you’re riding?

Sunrise, pacelines, hill climbs, good times!

Got any tips for keeping your bike running smoothly?

Ha! The guys always laugh at me for being so meticulous with my bikes.

I always recommend that people learn to fix things themselves. Whenever something goes wrong, get on YouTube, buy the tools, figure it out.

Aside from that if there’s one thing you take away from today: lube your seat post! Every month or so make sure you take it out, clean it, and use AAS Juice or Carbon Juice. You don’t want a seized seat post, trust!

What were your highlights of the last year of your time on a bike?

Probably Berlin for the Race Race Fixed 42 event. It was an insanely hot weekend (Scottish people are not designed for the sun) and we got to stay with a good friend, race together and hang out with a lot of the fixed community at Templehof as the sun went down. Perfect.

What are you most looking forward to in 2018?

I’m getting more focused (i.e. boring) with my training this year, and really trying to commit myself to racing road crits.

A good summer season of evening races, nice weather and hanging out afterwards would be ideal.

You can learn more about Defi Collective at

5 minutes with Christo Gallagher

Christo Gallagher is a fast, talented elite enduro racer from Edinburgh.

Christo is just one of the dudes from Team Wideopenmag that will be repping Juice Lubes for us in 2018 – take it away Chrsto!

Thanks to Euan Camlin for the riding images.

Tell us a bit about yourself – who is Christo?

I’m someone who loves to ride all types of bikes, hang out with friends, go on the road and do a ton of racing.

Where did MTB start for you?

My first proper day mountain biking was at Glentress on a hire bike. It was a Ridgeback 24″ or something when I was about 12 or 13 and from then on I was completely obsessed.

I slowly got better bikes and better at riding them and spent all my time after school riding up Corstorphine Hill in Edinburgh or getting the train to go riding at places.

What bike are you riding at the moment? How did that come about?

This year I’m riding a Nukeproof Mega 290 for Team Wideopenmag.

I had a really good year in 2017 and travelled about with Chris Hutchens a fair bit (who was on Wideopenmag last year and is on again this year) and Chris was kind enough to recommend for a spot on the team, so to speak.

Long story short, Wideopen offered me a spot on the team and I was stoked to be part of it, so of course I said aye and joined the team!

And what do you do for a day job?

To pay the bills I work for Wigwam® Holidays in Digital Marketing and IT, which is pretty awesome because they allow me to be flexible with my hours, so I can train and race all Summer.

Where do you normally ride and what sort of trails do you love the most?

Being from Edinburgh, I ride mostly in the Tweed Valley, so up the Golfy, Glentress, Innerleithen, Yair etc. All the trails are pretty flipping sweet up there at the moment, but if I was to pick a favourite it’d be New Wolf up the Golfy probably.

Euan Camlin photo

What really gets you stoked when you’re riding your MTB?

I’m a big fan of the send and I love shredding turns. Give me some big jumps or some shreddable turns and I’ll hit them all day no qualms.

Got any tips for other riders on keeping your bike running smoothly through the winter?

Keep on top of your drivetrain cleaning is probably the one I see most neglected and can really take the fun out of a ride when your chain is dragging and clogging up with dirt and grime.

Make sure after every ride you clean your drivetrain properly (keep a separate brush for your drivetrain) and not only will your drivetrain last longer, but so will your legs on your next ride!

Juice Lubes Pro Tip: Drivetrains clean up a treat with the Juice Lubes Dirty Little Scrubber brush and some neat Dirt Juice Super.

Euan Camlin photo

What were your highlights from 2017?

2017 was a flipping great year I have to say. I managed a few Scottish Enduro podiums in Elite and finished third in the overall. Managed my first top 30 stage at an EWS and finished top 50 in Ireland.

Can’t leave out the fact that a Velosolutions pumptrack got built a 2 minute ride from my flat, so it was a real treat getting to ride that all Summer.

And what are you most looking forward to in 2018?

2018 is gonna be great! I can’t wait to race with my Wideopenmag team mates and race a lot of new venues in the UK and abroad. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Good luck to Christo for his first race of the season at Tweedlove in Scotland!

You can follow him on Instagram at @Christo_G

5 Minutes with Phil Atwill

Phil Atwill is a loose canon AND the Dirt Team’s front man.

He’s heading in to 2018 after the season of his life racing downhill world Cups.

We grabbed Phil for 5 minutes to chat World Cups, the off-season and washing bikes!

Hey Phil, how are you mate? How’s the off-season treating you?

Yeah not too bad thanks. I spent a month in Greece riding checking out a few things over there which was cool!

I got a load of filming done for Gamble film which I’m excited about!

I also had some fun rides out with the boys over Christmas back home but then crashed awkwardly and ended up hurting my knee a bit which wasn’t ideal.

On the positive side I’ve been back training for about a month now so starting to get some good strength back and should come into the season fully fit!

What have you been up to since the end of the race season?

All of the above, plus I’ve spent a bit of time on the other side of a camera helping Tommy C film a few bits for The Biggest Slice of British Pie which has been real good fun! Squid life ain’t too bad!

So how did your 2017 race season go?

It started off a bit slow with a mechanical meaning I didn’t quali at RD1 but things got better from then onwards.

I managed to find a good rhythm by Leogang and then got my first Podium at Lenzerheide! So yeah best season to date for me!

What are you most stoked with having made happen in 2017?

Getting on the World Cup podium… what a feeling!

And what’s the plan for gearing up to the start of the season?

The plan is to come into the season 100 percent fit, keep my head down with all my training, get back to some yoga, get on a mountain bike and go into the races ready to battle it out with the top dudes.

What’s your first big race and what’s the plan for that?

The first race on the calendar is Maribor IXS I think and yeah that’s gonna be a good tester to see what I’m feeling like on my bike and will be a good chance to fine tune everything going into the first World Cup.

What are you most hoping you can make happen in 2018?

I wanna be a consistent top 10 guy… but I know if I can ride every race to the best of my ability I should be pretty happy come the end of the season!”

You’re obviously sponsored by Juice Lubes – what’s your favourite and least favourite bike maintenance jobs on your bike that you do and why?

Too right, you guys look after us! Umm…. Well no one likes washing their bike at this time of the year but you’ve gotta look after your bikes so they look after you!

I most enjoy locking my bike up after I’ve cleaned and lubed it so I know it’s all good to go for my next ride!

You can follow Phil on Instagram here.