Your own personal valet, standing ready to polish your frame to a high shine. The secret formula for a beautiful bike that leaves your bits shining and repels mud on your next ride.


Juice Lubes, Frame Polish, 400ml

Frame Juice is your ticket to a box fresh bicycle after even the most miserable of mud baths. It’s the final step in your bike wash and guarantees that your bike will return to the garage gleaming with no streaks and stains, blotches or blemishes.

Use Frame Juice as a spray-and-polish part of your bike wash or lash it on pre-ride to protect your bike with a mud-repelling force field.

Frame Juice, 400ml


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Long lasting maintenance gear for perfect riding even in the filthiest conditions.


Pound for pound, litre for litre. Our cleaners and polishes last longest.


Bulletproof protection for your pride and joy means more time on the trails.

“The polish is incredibly effective and will guarantee to turn heads at the next club rendez-vous. An extra bonus with JL’s Polish & Protector is that the fragrance is delightful.”

Step 1

Apply filth, rinse filth – Ride till your legs are deep fried and your bike is dirtier than your grandad’s joke book. Clean the filth away with plenty of Dirt Juice, a soft brush and lashings of fresh water.

Step 2

Lash it on – When your pride and joy is dry, spray Frame Juice onto anything that needs restored to a showroom shine. Careful though, avoid those braking surfaces.

Buff with a cloth to bring your baby back to a high sheen.

Step 3

Spray and repeat – Lash Frame Juice on before you ride and don’t wipe or buff. It’ll coat your bike in a slippery shield giving sticky mud and grippy grippy nothing to get its claws into.