How to lube your mountain bike or road bike chain

Lubing your chain is easy to do… and easy to mess up.

Here’s our guide to getting those sharper shifts nailed.

Keeping your mountain bike or road bike chain well lubed is dead important.

It’ll make your gears shift crisply, it’ll make your chain and gears last longer and it’ll save you money on fixing your bike and buying new bits.

There’s no set rule on how often you should lube your bike chain. Take a look at your chain and listen to it.

Does it look dry or sound squeaky? If so, yep, it needs a lube.

Does it look dirty? If so, it’ll need a proper clean and a re-lube.

To lube your chain you need a few bits of gear from Juice Lubes:

You’ll need the right chain lube for you:

You can view our full range of chain lubes here.

You’ll need some bits to give your chain a clean: