Introducing brand new Dirt Juice Boss

Dirt Juice Boss is our brand new, super powerful, tough-on-grime chain and drivetrain cleaner.

Dirt Juice Boss is a powerful and no nonsense cleaner that’ll bring your buggered bits back to brilliant in no time.

The Boss goes straight on to grimy chains, cassettes and jockey wheels and issues filth its P45. In fact, it’ll work on any bits on your bike that are properly caked with grease and grime.

Boss is designed to be a more powerful cleaner than Dirt Juice Super, our classic cleaner, and brewed for the grottiest of grime. It’s not designed to be diluted into a bike wash, it’s a thoroughbred chain and drivetrain cleaner and is our most powerful ever formula.

The ‘Boss is easy to apply. It’s best used with a chain bath like the Dirty Little Scrubber. Simply fill your chain bath with Boss, spin the chain till it’s thoroughly coated and leave it to soak for a few minutes. Rinse with water and, hey presto, your chain is sparkling and ready to re-lube.

No chain bath? No problem! You can use a paint brush, cloth, or simply fill a container with ‘Boss and leave your grubby bits to soak.

You can buy Chain Juice Boss or find your local Juice Lubes dealer here.