Introducing the new Dirt Juice Super

Introducing the brand new-and-improved Dirt Juice Super

Use it neat as a powerful chain cleaner and degreaser

Add water to mix it up into a kind-on-paint bike wash

One bottle creates 10L of bike wash, meaning awesome value

Re-useable bottle to cut down on those nasty plastics


Dirt Juice Super WC

Dirt Juice Super just got a brand new formula and is better than ever!

‘Super is our powerful, fast acting and awesome value degreaser. It’ll get your chain, cassette and any other shiny bits back to good-as-new. You can slosh it on with a soft brush or use our Scrubber from Another Mother chain bath to get it where it needs to be.

But… the best thing about ‘Super is that it transforms into a power, kind-on-paint bike wash.

Just add water and dilute 9:1 (9 parts water to 1 part ‘Super) and you’ll get 10L of bike wash out of one bottle.

You can buy our awesome value Dirt Juice Double pack and you’ll get one bottle of ‘Super and one bottle of Bike Wash. When the Bike Wash runs out, you can re-use the bottle and use the ‘Super to mix up more.

That means less binning and re-buying plastic bottles, less trips to the bike shop and more money for beer and chips!

You can buy the new Dirt Juice Super here

Or the Dirt Juice Double Pack here.