What do all those greases and pastes do?


you know your greases from your pastes?

We’ve got Juice Lubes expert grease monkey chaz to break it down for you.

Juice Lubes make a few products that look pretty similar but are actually totally different.

Gravy looks like hot chocolate… but you wouldn’t pour a cup of hot choccie on your Yorkshires now would you? Same way you wouldn’t put your AAS Juice on your bearings!

Here’s the basics:

AAS Juice

For bits that need to be removed easily but don’t need to move.

A top quality, aluminium assembly paste that fights off cold welding, corrosion and seizing, stops annoying squeaks and squeals and does away with those swearing at your pedal spanner moments.

Works great on bottom brackets, pedals, headsets and anywhere with metal to metal contact.

Bearing Juice

For bits that need to move.

A tough, waterproof, jet wash resistant grease that keeps your bearings spinning beautifully. Designed specifically for bicycle use.

Works great on the bearings in your headsets, bottom brackets, hubs and linkage.

Carbon Juice

For anything carbon that needs to stay put and not move.

Carbon juice provides a non-slip helping-hand for any of your carbon components. It’ll help guard against slipping and avoid the risk of you over tightening your clamps and breaking your expensive carbon bits.

Works great with seat posts, grips, handlebars, seat posts etc.