The #JuiceLubesCrew are our guys and girls on the ground.

They’re our best buddies that get out there day-in and day-out to test our products and make sure they’re as good as they can be.

The ‘Crew is made up of individuals and teams in road and MTB. 


The man, the myth, the Brendog. We’re stoked to welcome Brendan onboard for 2019!

Ben Cathro

Cathro Vision joins us for 2019 and will use Juice Lubes to keep the Lieutenant running pure sweet, pal!

Phil Atwill

We’ve worked with Phil for a few years now and love his balls to the wall, go big or go home style. Stoked to be working with ya mate!

Cube Global

Max Hartenstern, Phil Atwill and Gaëtan Vigé are our guys on the World Cup scene, racing hard and helping Juice Lubes to develop our products at the very top of the game.

Swift Pro 

Proper serious road racers from Yorkshire. Signed up for UCI Continental racing in 2019.


Our young guns on the MTB scene. They’re out chasing podiums, shooting videos and repping hard on the UK scene.

Nikki Whiles

Trail builder, aspiring photoshop guru, style king and Taff Punk supreme. 

Ajay Jones

Trap Chef, one-time Metal front man and Letsavew big dog.

Leo Sandler

A German Kiwi MBUK cover star from South Wales. Leo is a savage on his pushbike.

Ryan Middleton

Insanely talented, wild as all hell, gnarly Scotsman that we’re buzzing to shoot a video with in 2019. 

Rab Wardell

Rab is a Scottish cycling coach, MTB’er, BMX’er, Dirt Jumper, CX’er and ever other discipline on two wheels.

Mikayla Parton

Fort William local, ski instructor, DH world cup shredder. We’re stoked to help Mikayla go fast on her big breakthrough year.

Rob Allcoat

Larger than life shredder that loves sending big jumps with the enthusiasm of a rowdy bear!

Jenny Collett 

Outdoor instructor, climber, surfer and two-wheel shredder from North Wales.

Clash Racing

Sam and the crew at Clash Racing are on a mission to make road racing more about good times and bunny hops than shaved legs and power shakes. We like that.


South West skinny wheels at the sharp end of road racing. These guys keep Juice Lubes pinned on the chests of drop-bar national champions!

MechMonkey Belfast

Belfast Bike Shop and rad racers filled with young talent. Also, they’ve got an insanely fast Citroen rally car.

D&D Cycles

Another bad ass local bike shop that sells Juice Lubes and runs a race team. We’re stoked to keep them lubed up!

Kibosh Racing

Born in the West Country, Kibosh are more about crash-and-burn with a beer at the finish line than turbo trainers and protein shakes. Road, CX, MTB, hand made steel bikes and some of the best teeshirts in the game. 

Your name

Are you the next name on the #Juicelubescrew? Let us know – we’re on the look out for good dudes to join the family.

Want to join the #JuiceLubesCrew?

  • We’re looking for easy to work with, up-for-it guys and girls that love Juice Lubes.
  • We’re looking for race winners, Instagram superstars, local heroes and well-known go-getters.
  • Young guns and old dogs alike are all welcome.
  • You don’t need to be a World Champion but you do need to have a bit of experience under your belt and have a decent social media following.

On or off-road is cool – Juice Lubes works for both.

We’re always looking for new riders to join us and you can apply using our contact page here.

Send us your CV, send us some links to your videos, do something that makes us take notice, smile and want to work with you. 

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