The crowbar wielding mechanic in a can. The absolute essential for driving moisture, rust and corrosion kicking and screaming out of your fancy bits before it’s too late.


Juice Lubes, JL69, Ultimate Water Displacer, Protector & Lubricant Spray, 400ml

Your crowbar wielding mechanic in a can… and now with a brand new biodegradable formula and super-accurate easy-spray nozzle.

JL69 is the absolute essential for driving moisture, rust and corrosion kicking and screaming out of your fancy bits before it’s too late. It’ll guarantee no more stuck threads or rusty bearings, bleeding knuckles or blowtorches.

New formula JL69 is a do-it-all workshop essential that lubes and protects, drives out moisture, resists rust and stops dirt sticking to your bits.

Designed to penetrate deep into your components, it’s a must-have for general workshop jobs and a great apres-wash treat to keep your ride running at its best. Use it to keep rust at bay or reach for it when things get stuck and you need a helping hand.

JL69, 400ml


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Long lasting maintenance gear for perfect riding even in the filthiest conditions.


Pound for pound, litre for litre. Juice Lubes last longest.


Bulletproof protection for your pride and joy means more time on the trails.

“You cannot sensibly clean a bicycle without having JL-69 at hand to chase water out of your chain and derailleurs – an excellent product at a good price.” – Thebikelist.co.uk

Product info

  • Quick and easy to apply, comes with application straw for precise application in hard to reach areas.
  • Extremely high penetrating power to ensure that rust bound parts or seized parts can be freed.
  • Displaces water. Advanced de-watering additives to ensure moisture is searched for and driven out from any parts and replaced with a corrosion inhibiting protective lubricant film.
  • Prevents rust.
  • Reduces friction.
  • Prevents dirt adhesion.
  • Lubricates and protects. Provides substantial lubrication on all moving parts including chains, derailleurs, cables etc
  • Multi-purpose spray that can be used for other applications, not just on the bike. All round fantastic maintenance spray.
  • Safe for use on metal, carbon fibre, plastic, rubber, painted metal surfaces.
  • Enhances and lengthens component lifespan.
  • Helps to cut down on future maintenance.
How to


Give ‘er a wash – Give the old girl a decent wash with Dirt Juice and plenty of clean water.


Lash it on – Spray JL69 deep into those nooks and crannies. Don’t miss your suspension pivots, shifters, rear mech and headset. Be sure to avoid your rotors and brake pads.


Start again – Plough your freshly polished steed uphill and down dale till your legs are caked and your arse is soggy. Return triumphant and repeat from step 1.

Tech info
  • Extremely flammable aerosol.
  • Pressurised container: may burst if heated.
  • Causes serious eye irritation.