3 ways to reduce your plastic use with Juice Lubes

We’re not pretending to change the World single-handed here at Juice Lubes – we’re just doing our bit to reduce single-use plastics. Here’s a few tips on how you can cut down on plastic with our gear. Did you know that us humans produce 300million tonnes of plastic a year and only half of it can be recycled? And did you know that only 10 – 13% of plastic in the world gets recycled …… Read more

What do all those greases and pastes do?

  you know your greases from your pastes? We’ve got Juice Lubes expert grease monkey chaz to break it down for you. Juice Lubes make a few products that look pretty similar but are actually totally different. Gravy looks like hot chocolate… but you wouldn’t pour a cup of hot… Read more

How to lube your mountain bike or road bike chain

Lubing your chain is easy to do… and easy to mess up. Here’s our guide to getting those sharper shifts nailed. Keeping your mountain bike or road bike chain well lubed is dead important. It’ll make your gears shift crisply, it’ll make your chain and gears last longer and it’ll… Read more

How to tubeless your mountain bike wheels

Are you looking to tubeless your mountain bike wheels? Tubeless means you can run them, obviously, without inner tubes. You’re less likely to get pinch-punctures, you can run lower tyre pressures and you can use tyre sealant which will plug any holes as you ride. It’s brilliant. To tubeless your… Read more

Kye Forte’s Growing Up video

Kye Forte is a BMX legend that turned his hand to mountain bikes. After working his way up to elite level at the British National Downhill Series, Kye took a step back to focus on a totally different challenge… yep, starting a family and becoming a dad to two young… Read more

Introducing brand new Dirt Juice Boss

Dirt Juice Boss is our brand new, super powerful, tough-on-grime chain and drivetrain cleaner. Dirt Juice Boss is a powerful and no nonsense cleaner that’ll bring your buggered bits back to brilliant in no time. The Boss goes straight on to grimy chains, cassettes and jockey wheels and issues filth… Read more

Introducing the new Dirt Juice Super

Introducing the brand new-and-improved Dirt Juice Super Use it neat as a powerful chain cleaner and degreaser Add water to mix it up into a kind-on-paint bike wash One bottle creates 10L of bike wash, meaning awesome value Re-useable bottle to cut down on those nasty plastics   Dirt Juice… Read more