Introducing brand new Dirt Juice Boss

Dirt Juice Boss is our brand new, super powerful, tough-on-grime chain and drivetrain cleaner. Dirt Juice Boss is a powerful and no nonsense cleaner that’ll bring your buggered bits back to brilliant in no time. The Boss goes straight on to grimy chains, cassettes and jockey wheels and issues filth its P45. In fact, it’ll work on any bits on your bike that are properly caked with grease and grime. Boss is designed to be… Read more

Introducing the new Dirt Juice Super

Introducing the brand new-and-improved Dirt Juice Super Use it neat as a powerful chain cleaner and degreaser Add water to mix it up into a kind-on-paint bike wash One bottle creates 10L of bike wash, meaning awesome value Re-useable bottle to cut down on those nasty plastics   Dirt Juice… Read more

5 minutes with Veronique Sandler

Veronique Sandler is the latest addition to the Juice Lubes family. Vero is rad – she loves big jumps, she loves racing, she loves crafting video edits and she absolutely rips on a mountain bike. We’re stoked to see her keeping her bikes running smooth with Juice Lubes this year.… Read more

A weekend with Phil Atwill

Phil Atwill is coming into 2018 hot – and he’s starting the season with an Easter weekend of shredding. Phil and the rest of the Propain Dirt Sixpack team are running on Juice Lubes for all of their riding and racing. Stay tuned for more from them here on JL.   Read more

5 minutes with Chris McGlynn

Defi Co is our first on-road addition to the Juice Lubes family. The London based crew crew can be seen regularly in the pain cave at events like Red hook crit or training hard in regents park. Here’s 5 minutes with one of Defi’s co-founders, Chris Mcglynn. Tell us a… Read more

5 minutes with Christo Gallagher

Christo Gallagher is a fast, talented elite enduro racer from Edinburgh. Christo is just one of the dudes from Team Wideopenmag that will be repping Juice Lubes for us in 2018 – take it away Chrsto! Thanks to Euan Camlin for the riding images. Tell us a bit about yourself… Read more

5 minutes with Nikki Whiles

Nikki Whiles is the latest shredder to join the Juice Lubes family – he’s fast and stylish, he’s from South Wales and he digs trails for a living. Tell us a bit about yourself – who is Nikki Whiles? I am a bike track designer and builder who also rides… Read more