7.5W Suspension Oil

7.5w is a great all rounder that will work solo for lighter riders or as a top-up to tweak the weight of other oils.

Juice Lubes, High Performance, 500ml

A fully blendable suspension oil that’s fully synthetic and packed with stiction reducing and anti-foaming additives. Use solo or mix up and match to create the perfect blend for your weight and your riding style.

Don’t forget to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using suspension oil.

7.5w Suspension Oil, 500ml


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Anti-stiction, blendable oils to create your perfect suspension setup.


Blendable oils to save you money on expensive suspension tuning.


Bulletproof protection for your suspension means more time on the trails and less time in the workshop.

“The oils worked flawlessly and consistently across a wide temperature range” Suspension wizard Luis Arraiz