Phil Atwill-proof tyre sealant to keep the wind in your wheels on the gnarliest of trails. Works under even the most outrageous of two-wheeled savagery.


Juice Lubes, Tubeless Tyre Sealant

A World Cup downhill used, abused and approved sealant for Phil Atwill and friends to tubeless their tyres.

Tyre Juice wards off punctures and pinch-flats by coating your rubber in a protective force field. Slosh it in and you’ll enjoy a puncture-proof performance on the thorny roads and rocky trails. It’s a doddle to install and battles faff every time you ride.

Tyre Juice works with all road and mountain bike tubeless and UST systems.



In stock


In stock


Long lasting maintenance gear for a perfect ride even in the filthiest conditions.


Pound for pound, litre for litre. Juice Lubes last longest.


Bulletproof protection for your pride and joy means more time on the trails.


Slosh it in – Start with fresh tubeless rim tape and valves. Seat your tyre so that it’s almost fully on the rim with just one small section (6 inches should do it) left undone.

Use 50-100ml of Tyre Juice per wheel, applying straight into a clean, fresh and un-knackered tyre. Shake the bottle and pour it straight in, keeping the bottle fully inverted when you pour.


Seat it up – Seat the final section of your tyre on the rim and inflate fully till you hear the bead ‘pop’ into place. This will be easier with a compressor or tubeless inflator. You may need to remove your valve cores to get more air in quicker.


Shake and shred – Once seated and inflated give your wheel a shake and a good spin to get the Tyre Juice spread around inside your wheel. Pop it back on your bike and shred like the true savage you always knew you were. Crush your mates and hear the lamentations of their tubes.