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Juice Lubes is a premium quality range of high performance lubricants, fluids, and cleaners all designed and manufactured here in the UK with one major aim - to keep you lubed up so you can ride as hard as you can whilst having fun.

Looking after your expensive kit can mean more time spent using it and less time (and money) spent repairing it. Many people have the misconception that good maintenance is time consuming and difficult, but this is simply not the case - read on.

These four little jobs listed below can literally all be done in under 5 minutes and will go 90% of the way towards a complete maintenance schedule that will keep your weapon of choice running sweet.

Apply Fork Juice to Forks and Shock each ride MTB 1 Min Yes Buttery smooth suspension
Apply Chain Juice Wet to clean chain as required MTB/Road 1 Min Yes Better shifting & Reduced drive train wear
Spray JL69 into areas where water might sit after a ride or clean down MTB/Road 1 Min Yes Prevents seizure and rusting
A quick chain degrease once a week with Dirt Juice Super Gnarl and The Dirty Little Scrubber MTB/Road 2 Min Yes Better shifting & Reduced drive train wear

Why Invest in Good Maintenance?

Unless you are a fully sponsored, all expenses paid, pro athlete it is quite likely you have to cover the costs of looking after your toys. It is also probably fair to say that you would rather minimise the time that your bike broken, or is not working as well as it could be, and maximise the amount of time it is running smoothly so you get full enjoyment from using it. Regular maintenance using top quality Juice Lubes products pays for itself many times over the cheaper products available in two distinct ways

    1. Our products are engineered to go a long way so you don't need to use as much of them in each application therefore a bottle of Juice Lubes actually lasts longer than competitor’s larger containers. This means the cost per application of Juice Lubes, which is more important than the cost per ml, is actually much lower than you might first realise. Have a play and see how little Juice Lubes chain oil you actually need when carefully following the application instructions.

      In uses where a fixed volume of product is required such as hydraulic disc brake systems, you clearly still need to use the same volume of Juice Lubes as you would a competitor’s, but in this instance you will notice that our fluids will not degrade and you will enjoy optimum performance for a much longer time.

    2. Using the best products provides the best protection for your expensive components. It extends the life span of them so they won’t need replacing as soon, or to put it another way, you will get optimum performance from them for much longer. So you save money in the long run and you get more enjoyment from your time on the bike, which ultimately is what it is all about.

      Even if you are a commuter as opposed to a leisure/sporting rider, a nice, smooth, trouble free ride to work is always preferable to a clunky, noisy, mis-shift ridden (awful pun, apologies!) journey and the point regarding component lifespan and reduced expenditure on new parts definitely still holds true.
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