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Fork Juice - 400ml

The Forking Good Suspension Lubricant!

Use on MTB

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Product Description


Fork Juice is where it all started for Juice Lubes and since releasing the product in 2009 we have sold tens of thousands of units to happy and now stiction- free riders, all over the world. It’s been much imitated since but is still the original and the best. Fork Juice suspension lube is a quick, easy, great value prevention or cure for stiction related suspension problems. It’s used by riders, racers and weekend warriors alike for all or any of the following:

  • Improving small bump sensitivity. By reducing the friction between stanchion and seals less input force is required to overcome the initial inertia and start the suspension moving through its stroke. What this means for your arms and hands is a smoother bar feel as small bumps that weren’t previously large enough to get the suspension moving now result in very small suspension movement. So it’s the suspension absorbing these little hits and not you! Check out the fork juice video on this page to see our little demonstration of this.
  • Eliminating the negative effects of tight seals on new forks while they are still bedding in - so you get better performance straight out of the box.
  • As a race prep to keep your steed running smoother and faster during your run.
  • General good maintenance - as the single most expensive component on your bike, it makes sense to lubricate your suspension. After all, you wouldn’t ride without applying lube to your chain would you? Using Fork Juice reduces the chances of crud sticking to the stanchion in the first place which means less chance of scratching them and less muck in the internals, so you get better performance for longer!

We are not saying it’s a replacement for a full strip down, service, new internals and rebuild; but then we are not asking you to hand over £80 either.


Application is simple - wipe any residual dirt or grease off the stanchions and shock shaft and then make sure you cover up your brake disks and pads because it will make them forking slippery too!

Re-apply as required by frequency of riding, distance covered, terrain and conditions.



I’m really pleased with forkjuice so farReview by Andy Boyle, Woodland Riders Club Secretary
I’ve gotta say i’m really impressed, i had a load of stiction in my 888WC ata’s which has totally gone, making the forks amazing over the small high frequency stuff that cripples your hands. Marvellous! Also sprayed it all over the shock and linkage, which did a great job of stopping the shit sticking. You’re right about it bringing all the crap out of the wipers, i was pretty shocked about the rings appearing on both the shock and the forks! Overall I’m really pleased with forkjuice so far, i’m taking it out with me and spraying it on everybodies forks! (Posted on 11/01/2013)
Well Worth it Review by Mike Melhuish
Great ! Worked a treat on my Marzocchi 66 Rc3 !! Well Worth it ,Cheers (Posted on 11/01/2013)
Its good shit!Review by James Moore, Gentleman and Scholar
Its good shit! My Boxxers have never been so smooth. Or clean! Worked a treat on Bohle’s Totems too – no more stiction on those bad boys now. (Posted on 11/01/2013)
The Bike Rides Like It Used To 2 years Ago.Review by Steve Gordon Dorset Rough Riders, XC and Enduro Racer
My Fox RP3 has been a right pain in the butt for ages and was on the
point of being sent away for a ‘pro’ service until unbeknown to me in
between laps at Mayhem ‘09 Chas gave it a squirt of Fork Juice. Riding
off to the start on a flat fireroad I knew something had been done as
the ride was immediately smoother. Out on the lap the rear end tracked
sooo much better it was like riding a different bike. Small and mid size
bump tracking was amazingly improved letting me keep the power on nice
and smooth, large bump and jumps were absorbed with a beautiful smooth
rebound, none of that nasty back end kicking I have got used too.

Finishing the lap, 2 mins quicker than my previous, way hay, I just had
to pop back and say thank you, whip out some cash and get me some, even
brought a can for my mate.

Thank you to Chas and to Fork Juice, you put the float back in to my
Fox’s and the bike rides like it used to 2 years ago. (Posted on 11/01/2013)
Has worked a treat on my forksReview by Jonathon Wilson
Well I found out about Juice Lubes Fork Juice in Dirt magazine, and when I saw it I thought i just had to get it as I was fed-up of using GT-85 or WD40 to make my forks extra plush. I have also just bought and fitted the new Rock shox Boxxer teams, which were suffering from major seal rub, so much so, that rubber was rubbing off onto the stantion…. so i decided to buy the product and though it took a while to arrive, (due to a supplier problem, which they have fixed and phoned me up to tell me, so there customer service is excellent), was worth the wait, and has worked a treat on my forks. I highly recomend that you buy this product, and i will be recommending it to all my friends!!! (Posted on 11/01/2013)
The difference is amazingReview by Chris
Got some of this yesterday morning and put it straight on to the Fox 40’s on my Session 88 before going for a shred. What can I say, the difference is amazing and the forks that I thought couldn’t get any better where even smoother than ever, and piece of cake to clean after. In fact the stantions were probably the only part of the bike that didn’t really need a clean! At last, a product with no bullshit that does exactly what it says on the tin! Awesome stuff and I’m gonna make sure that there’s always some in my tool kit! Do you have any stickers so that I can help spread the love on the trails??
Cheers, (Posted on 11/01/2013)
without a shadow of doubt it’s the most transforming product I've ever used! Review by Tony from Evolve Mountain Biking
I’ve been using Juice Lubes Fork Juice on the Suntour forks on my Specialized HardRock’s, which I use for taking groups out mountain biking. And without a shadow of doubt it’s the most transforming product I’ve ever used! Going from a fork that felt as creaky as my knees, to a fork that now feels smoother than a really smooth thing! After pretty much one application they now all feel silky and stiction free, highly recommended (Posted on 11/01/2013)
Cleans all the parts you don’t normally get to seeReview by Rob Orchard, Woodland Riders
Not only does it make my 888S (RC2X) even more plush than they where before by keeping the stantions lubed, the Fork Juice is actually cleaning all the parts you don’t normally get to see inside the legs, even my rear end gets a juicing! lol. (Posted on 11/01/2013)
I am very impressedReview by James, Assistant Manager, Sidwell Cycles
I am very impressed – its a good product that makes a real difference. I even bought a can for myself! (Posted on 11/01/2013)
Fantastic ProductReview by Dave Dore
Fantastic product.-thank you! I just couldn't believe how smooth and responsive my (already tuned) suspension performed. (Posted on 11/01/2013)
It's AwesomeReview by Adam “Pinner” Price, Downhiller
It's awesome – because the stanchions are so big on these Fox 40’s there is a lot of contact area with the wiper seals which means a lot more stiction especially when they are brand new. Using Fork Juice has pretty much eliminated the problem and the forks feel spot on. For £8 you cant go wrong. (Posted on 11/01/2013)

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